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BWOA: Alexander, hello! How's all? Well here we disscuss for feature the entity of TRIDENT fore-mostly, but of course I'm going to naturally include some questions around other entities of the bands members, but let's focus on TRIDENT outlet for awhile! It's been a year almost that "World Destruction" has been out and available through Regain Records. How has the album been doing?

Alex: Hi! Doing good thanks. It has been doing rather good. You know it’s the first album and no one knows about the band so we have to convince all of them that we play for that we are a band to be recon with. We have been playing all around the world on World Destruction album, all from New York to our homeland Sweden and also festivals around Europe so in that sentence it has been a good journey so far. If you want to know all about the numbers of selling you have to contact our label.

BWOA: I had some copies of the album on my distro, which had sold rather fast actually cause everyone who got them from me mentioned the album is near impossible to find in the USA, is something the band is even aware of and if so is it a topic you have discussed with Regain?

Alex: When we played in US alot of them who were there told me that the album is impossible to find over there and that is of course a problem. I don’t know how Regains distro looks like in the US but I hope and expect that they do their job and put the album also on the American market. Unfortunately nothing I could do about it if they aren’t

BWOA: I'm wandering a bit in a kind of weird order to disscuss things but I want to talk some about the bands formation. TRIDENT was birthed by Johan Norman initially and shortly after as the story goes you met him in a bar in Gothenburg, started talking about music and shared a lot of ideas, from there you entered into the project and Johan then eventually found the remaining members that be to take part in the entity of TRIDENT if that is all correct? Knowing Johan's past activities and not knowing him previously, what was that like for you to discuss music and find a lot of commons with someone who was original member in DISSECTION (as he was original member of pre-DISSECTION which is of course SATANIZED), one of Black Metal's and Sweden's most influential bands, and find that click to triger your working together in TRIDENT?

Alex: We don’t talk so much about the past, we focus on whats to be done now and the future. But of course I have a lot of respect for Johan and ha has been into the scene for a long time. He is a excellent composer and my broher.

BWOA: Tobias came into the band after you guys tried out several different vocalists for the project. Johan knew Tobias from his DISSECTION days, in fact when they left DISSECTION they formed and played in the band of SOULREAPER (which IMO was always a very underrated band, especially the first album, such great stuff!). What would you say Tobias brought to TRIDENT that was missing in the other vocalists you had tried out prior to his entry?

Alex: Tobias is the perfect frontman for TRIDENT. He is a very convincing singer, not many other singers I know of are like Tobias. He is the wicked wizard in this black horde of berserks. In short, he is perfect to spread out the black flame awaiting the doomsday of the world backed up by us. 

BWOA: Yes that is true, he is a very convincing singer. Something I (and most people probably do) notice this when I seen you guys play in NYC and I seen him perform prior to that with NECROPHOBIC...on stage he has a way of bringing the music out with a more dramatic effect, many signers tend to lack possession of that quality. All the members of TRIDENT when I seen you guys here gave the band a level of higher energy, something that should be important for bands while playing live, especially newer bands in this day of age where the need to have a good stage performance makes all the difference! From word of mouth to record sales, live shows certainly have impact in these matters! 

Alex: Yeah, as you say its something that we need to do to wake the interest of new fans but at the same time its nothing we plan to do. It comes totaly normal to us when we play. We become one with the music. As all bands we also improve all the time so it should be quite a different show in a year or so..

BWOA: I know the band is a complete seperate entity all it's own, of course, but having names like DISSECTION, NECROPHOBIC, JAGGERNAUT, and GRIEF OF EMERALD attached to the bands members naturally makes people look to those other outlets. I think after one gives "World Destruction" a nice and proper listening they will find a very refreshing difference in TRIDENT from all those other projects as to me it's a very well thought out blend of Black and Death with some Thrash moments/influence within, it's technical but not over powered with technical approaches. The songs flow with a nice surge of power throughout the album and delivers the right feelings to the listener...for those who would expect some clone I think they will be greatly stunned!

Alex: Yeah maybe the names of our past could help us a bit with some interest from new fans. But this is TRIDENT a new era of blackened death metal. We try to do exactly the music we want to do and the kind of music we want to listen to ourselves when we´re hanging out. World Destruction is just the first outcast of our long way to the top and behind us there be only ruins and ashes.

BWOA: One thing that is said/mentioned about TRIDENT is the veteran aspect of it's members. It's for sure one thing I noticed first off like most people have. However I don't know how many people actually realize this past DISSECTION and NECROPHOBIC entities but beyond those the band members have ties to something close to 25 bands in the Swedish scene. I think this one reason why TRIDENT deliever such a good album on "World Destruction" cause there has to be really a huge amount of influences that draws from the members, even though I know it's been said that Johan initially writes the music for the band, it still comes out in a particular way when it's played with all the members and each does put there own marks on the final songs to be...and that chemistry I think works very well for TRIDENT?

Alex: Since we have lived this lifestyle for a long time it comes natural that we have a lot of influences from other bands that are all around us. Most of them are our friends, we have played with some of them and talked music and ideology with more of them and as you know, how you live forms you. Yeah, Johan write the foundation of the song and we others put our touch on it in the rehearsal room. It is a way that works good for us. No one of us writes better music than Johan so we leave him with his process until he´s done and then we say what we think.

BWOA: Lyrical content of the band is written between Tobias and yourself. And I have to say the songs do contain quite a bit of lyrical passages, much more than your common Swedish act care to include. The first lyrics on the album people are introduced to is from the track "The Trident" and it opens with "The World is standing in flames, Time of Destruction have come, All good and weak shall be burnt, Phoenix shall rise over skies." ...perfect reflection of today's times and the way things can easily lead to! As well the last line for this song "Baphomet shall reign from his throne by the power or will and the might of the Trident"... it's kinds idiotic but a funny thing this idea some people have that the name TRIDENT is taken after the chewing gum... when in fact the word TRIDENT actually means a long, three-pronged fork or weapon and in Greek/Roman Mythology it's the three-pronged spear that is carried by the gods of Neptune or Poseidon.

Alex: Yeah that’s correct. We try to do interesting lyrics with a content that is very important to us and the world as we see it. In a way our truth. The lyric in “The Trident” is perfect start to a World Destruction. It’s the way we think the world will end up and the way we want it to be. Mankind is 95% plague and that mass needs to be exterminated. You know, every time some fucking dickhead says something about that fucking gum I wish he or her could stand in front of me so I can beat the living shit out of them. The TRIDENT is the weapon of Lucifer and nothing else!

BWOA: Actually since were on the subject, The TRIDENT was actually a weapon that was of Roman origin, but contrary to belief it was not a military issue weapon of Rome, in fact the Trident was a weapon that was made for Gladiator warriors in the games of Rome. It was not considered an effective weapon in war. Moreover, the Trident was only used by who they called Retiarius (or also known as "net man"), the only gladiator that would never wear a helmet. There is scientific effidence of this found recently in fact in skeletal remains of Gladiators where the skulls found had the impacts that could only match the weapon of the Trident. They even found a Trident that dates back to the peiord of Retiarius. Interesting little history on the Trident!

Alex: Ok, if you say so..

BWOA: Back to the lyrical contant for a moment, you said write contant important to you and the world as you see it...would you say this also include some of your political outlooks as well, or more towards just the chaos aspect? I know many bands claim they have no political insights in their music, but writting music in todays era it's hard not to have such comparisons within the topics most black/death metal bands include in their lyrics.

Alex: As all other people we have some political views, but thats not in our music. Politic is so small of a subject compear to our other matters in our lyrics. We want the world to burn and the chaos to reign. We dont care about which parti rules the gaverment. They all suck either way.

BWOA: TRIDENT released a video for "Jaws of Satan" track, I noticed this was done by Blackshadows (well known Swedish Tattooist and Underground Magazine), they had done some stuff for KYTHRONE one of the band I released and I know that a lot of bands in Sweden use their services...I heard that the guy who does the Blackshadows is pretty crazy, how was it working with them for the video?

Alex: Crazy? Haha! Yeah he is, in a very excellent way. Carlos of Blackshadows Tattoos is a great guy  and a good friend of mine. Working with him is always great, booth making video and tattoos. He is a great artist and have good eyes for what’s to be done. When we did the video everything went smoothly and since he was the guy behind the camera he was the one telling us what works and what’s not, naturally.

BWOA: Regain did the band come to hook up with the label? Was the signing a one album deal or will TRIDENT release more with Regain?

Alex: Regain showed interest in our project because they already worked with Tobias and Necrophobic so we showed them a 4 track demo and they liked what they heard so after about one and a half song we had a contract. What will happen on the next album I don’t know. Time will tell.

BWOA: Has there been any work towards a next album material as of yet, ideas or other wise? And sorry, bit confused, do you mean that existing contract was only one album deal?

Alex: We allways work and never rest. There are some new material for next album and its going to be magickal! Best black/death album you´v ever heard. We will see hows its going with labels and so on. Nothing I think about for hte moment.

BWOA: The band has been playing shows overseas quite a bit in support of the debut album and it's a funny thing of just coincidence, but I noticed that on the bands touring one of the shows TRIDENT played in Stockholm, Sweden was with the Swedish band INTERMENT, coincidence just because I am currently doing feature with USDM band FUNEBRARUM who did split CD with INTERMENT and that split was reason for their return as a band.

Alex: No offence, but I don’t remember all bands I play with.

BWOA: The gig in Brooklyn, NYC was the bands first and only US show to didn't have a very good turn out, are there any plans for the band to return to US soil for shows?

Alex:Yes, of course we will come back to US. All cred to the guys who did this possible for us but they maybe don’t know how to promote a show properly and besides as you said before the album is not available over there so not so much people know about us. But be sure that’s a matter we will change! And still, the people who where there got a hell of a show and hopefully there is some good talk about us over there. 

BWOA: Yes, well friends of mine as you know and it was their first organized gig under the promotion, but their hearts in the right place and they took a bold move to bring TRIDENT here with the factors against them. Still in all, it was a good show and I know those who were there enjoyed seeing you guys quite a bit. Scene in the US, especially in Tri-State area where you were is very funny and uncertain, turns outs are always un-predictable, especially at The Europa, hell I went and seen URGEHAL there (as well as other gigs) opening night of thier US tour and turn out for that was not so many more than the TRIDENT gig. In any case, hope to see you guys make it back and with any luck have a successful return!

Alex: Yes, all respect and honor for your friends who believed in us and brought us over. It was a fantastic gig and a great party that night. Hopefully we will return soon with the new album in our back.

BWOA: Last question before I close this out. I know your other half does the Demonia Blog, but is this something you work on as well with her? I do visit the blog time to time, some interesting things reported there with gigs and such so I figured I'd ask and at the same time maybe give a plug on it!

Alex: Yes, my girlfriend are running Demonia Blogg. This is completly her own thing and I have nothing to do with that. Its a very good blogg though I think.. She puts so much heart and soul in to that blogg.

BWOA: Alex, thanks for the time to answer some questions on the TRIDENT! Hope this feature helps turn some heads to check out the band and the "World Destruction" debut album!

Alex: Thank you for the interview! Hope to see you soon again in US.
/Alex Impaler